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Data Scientist

St. Louis, MO, USA

About Us 

Broadview Group Holdings, LLC invests in and partners with successful business owners and growth-oriented leadership teams to help scale and create significant and sustainable value in commodity trading, food and agriculture, commercial and industrial products, specialty distribution and industrial service businesses.

Broadview Capital Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of Broadview Group Holdings, is a St. Louis-based investment company that invests primarily in commodity futures markets. The company also invests in other strategies to complement its commodity portfolio. The company is seeking to hire a professional to develop and improve on these strategies and develop new tools.

Job Overview

The Data Scientist will work with the trading teams to co-develop new and improved tools and strategies and move them to successful execution by building up associated data, systems, and processes. They will also help continually refine teams' current processes and tools. This role is based in the technology team and reports directly to the Director of Technology.

The technology team is small, highly embedded within the trading organization, and works on interesting and diverse problems while integrating new and existing technologies into the business. You can have a large impact on the organization.

The ideal candidate for this position is a talented researcher with programming skills, interest in financial markets, and a desire to develop concepts from the prototype stage all the way to delivery and into routine production. This candidate would be a self-starter, entrepreneurial, and have an innate curiosity and willingness to learn as many of our issues are undefined and iterative.

Key Responsibilities

Data Science Practice

  • Research and test hypotheses around new and existing trade strategies, using general back-testing and forward-testing strategies

  • Develop query and visualization functionality to help recall data and interpret trends

  • Build data ingest and processing pipelines to enable its use

  • Help identify data that would be useful to the organization and, once acquired, assess its quality

  • Prepare new, innovative models and assist with forecasting

  • Integrate data and trends into new processes

Development of Processes and Tools

  • Productionize prototypes and ad-hoc processes to reliable, repeatable, predictable operations

  • Ensure data and processes to run the business are monitored and updated in the face of changes

  • Assist with developing platforms and tools to solve business problems in R, Python, Excel, or other tools as appropriate for the job

  • Assist with day-to-day trading operations and program or script debugging

  • Transition manual Excel-based processes to automatic or less-manual ones

  • Develop systems and programs to help screen and trade new or improved strategies

  • Develop our Django-based reporting platform to deliver alerts, provide views into current positions and risks, and enrich understanding

  • Assist traders with trading tool development by holding office hours or performing pair programming

Recommend and Build Infrastructure

  • Work with the leadership team, traders, and rest of the technology team to build and improve infrastructure to support the organization

  • Implement incremental improvements to the technology that underpins the above

We Need You to Have

  • Demonstrated ability to learn new concepts and subjects quickly and apply them to emerging issues

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to be flexible in a fast-moving environment

  • Bachelor’s degree with strong academic performance in mathematics, engineering, computer science, physics, or other hard science

  • Willingness to understand commodity trading and fundamental analysis

  • Solid understanding of probability and statistics

  • Experience with analytical tools for data manipulation and statistical modeling (Python NumPy/Pandas/Polars, R, MATLAB, etc.)

  • Understanding of programming concepts in a popular language like C/C++, R, Python, Rust, or JavaScript/TypeScript

  • Demonstrated ability for end-to-end development from idea inception to hypothesis testing, prototype generation, and productionizing programs

  • Demonstrated report and presentation development and delivery skills

We'd Like You to Have

  • Familiarity with data transfer (SFTP and FTP, HTTP and hypermedia) and data representation (tabular, structured, and unstructured)

  • Familiarity with the Django web development framework

  • Interest in gaining an understanding of risk, volatility, and recommend ways to measure and act based on indicators of interest

  • Comfort in reading and understanding academic literature including books, journals, or scholarly papers

  • Experience with predictive models, including understanding of backtesting and forward testing strategies, Monte Carlo, and other ways to generate and validate models

  • Practice optimizing multi-parameter analyses to focus on finding the most important ones to consider

  • Exposure to the modern analysis ecosystem such as Jupyter Notebooks, Excel or Airtable with SQL, and data wrangling formats like CSV or Parquet

  • Understanding of version control like git and modern development tools like GitHub and modern deployment practices such as GitHub Actions, Continuous Integration/Continuous Development pipelines, and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

  • Experience developing in the cloud using AWS Lambda, large relational databases, and columnar databases

  • Experience running sustainable tools and using modern logging, alerting, documentation, and security practices

If interested, please email with your resume/CV 

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